If you want to age like Jennifer Lopez?
Below, read my advice on how to preserve your youthful look throughout every decade of life.

Tips and Tricks for aging well through every decade of life

When you take a look at celebrities these days, have you noticed how great everyone looks? Think of the meme that went around after the 2020 Superbowl of Jennifer Lopez, who is 50, compared to the character Blanche from the Golden Girls in the eighties?
What’s going on? Do they all just have superior genes? As a cosmetic dermatologist, my take on
this new trend of never aging is the advent of cosmetic “tweakments” that halt the aging process. Read below for my advice on what you can do each decade of life to preserve your youthful look.

The 20’s
-preserve/ protect your skin — wear spf, don’t tan, don’t smoke
-augment —This is the decade when most people decide that they want to augment their lips.

The 30’s – 40’s
-protect/ prevent just like in your 20’s but also
– correct –
-Fine lines and wrinkles with neurotoxin
-Fat pad atrophy and separation with fillers (restylane/juviderm/radiesse)

The 50-60’s
-replenish- fillers every visit
-restore the skin lasers
-Maintain your skin with a great skin care regimen
-balance all areas of the body that can show your age- face, neck, chest/ back and hands.

The 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s
All of the above plus
-Skin Tightening
If you’ve maintained you may not need surgery but if you haven’t you might need to be considering bigger procedures to get back that youthful look.

So if your goals is to look like Cher does in her 70’s, start investing now for that life you want in the future.