Are you feeling like a sopping wet rat?
Whether school projects are keeping you up at night, a hectic travel schedule is keeping you on a plane every other week, your stage make- up is causing angry breakouts or life has gotten so busy you’ve forgotten to take care of yourself, there’s always something you can do to reverse the damage done to your skin.
Many of my patients come to me with problems stemming from one of the above scenarios. As a doctor, small business owner and mother of beautiful babies, I personally can relate to these problems and know the toll that hormone changes, lack of sleep and personal time takes on the skin. I can always tell the patients who are parents, who tend to come in with sunburns, eczema, xerosis, and sun damage, all from neglecting themselves. If only baby kisses could clear acne and improve wrinkles!

Not to worry, at Rose dermatology you can get a few services done in less than an hour and all the stress, hormone changes, bad make-up, sun damage can be reversed.
After I had my last baby my skin was dry, and clogged and dull. While pregnant I couldn’t do what I usually did to keep my skin clear and after I delivered I barely had time to pee let alone apply the right creams and medications to treat my skin. Not to mention I aged. Now that my kids are sleeping better, I am too, so it’s time to get back on the wagon and work towards the radiant skin that I want.

Right now what is helping me get through my rushed days are silkpeels followed by laser genesis. Silkpeels are deep, pore cleansing facials that also exfoliate the skin. I needed 3 a few weeks apart to un-clog my pores post pregnancy. I followed those up with laser genesis, a procedure that builds up collagen and made those oh so fine crinkly lines that started popping up go away. With no down time it was a win-win situation. I’ve finally gotten closer to optimizing my topical treatments at home as well.
Finally I’m beginning to recognize my (younger) self again when I look in the mirror.
So please, if you feel like a sopping wet rodent, come in and do something for yourself. Invest in your skin now!